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Saronic Jewels -

Argo Saronic region

  • Circumnavigate the
    island of Spetses

  • Climb the 999 steps to Palamidi Fortress in Nafplio

  • wine tasting at a Nemean winery

  • Enter King Agamemnon’s beehive tomb at Mycenae

  • Listen to a stage whisper at the ancient Epidavros theater


In the southeastern Peloponnese Peninsula is found the Argo Saronic region where everything encourages you to pedal at a gradual pace, or siga siga (slow, slow) as the Greeks say.  We bicycle, swim, smell the lemons, shop for quality souvenirs and take enlightening archaeology tours of legendary antiquities.  

The tour introduces you to two islands, two World Heritage Sites, the incredibly lovely city of Nafplio which you will rate your favorite and overnight in a winery where wine-making from ancient days continues to imbue Peloponnese wines with a unique cachet and bouquet.

Duration Rating Average
Cost per person
in euros

June 6-13

Sept 26 - October 3

Easy or Moderate

Long Route
25 miles

Short Route
16 miles

Long Route
147 miles

Short Route
97 miles

8 Days


Single  290



Post-Tour Athens Add-on June 13-16 and October 3-6

All tours are priced in euros, the currency of Greece.
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Tour Dates

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Tour FAQs


A tour needs 10 fully paid riders to run, with a maximum of 16 riders.

All tours are based on double occupancy.
An additional charge applies if you wish your own room
(known as a single supplement).

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Start/End Points
Recommend arriving the day before the tour beings because Day 1 starts with an early morning boat to Poros island. Tour ends in Athens. If you have an early morning flight the next day, best to stay at Athens Airport Sofitel Option to remain in Athens for the four day Athens add-on.


Day 1: Poros
As the boat pulls in to Poros harbor you cannot help but sigh at the scenic view of the little town that rises to a crescendo with a clock tower. We cycle a loop around the island, past the Temple of Poseidon, ending up at Askeli Beach for a swim. Before dinner, there's a class by a local weaver who weaves in the ancient Greek tradition.

Day 2: Epidavaros
The best part of today's cycling route is a stretch of road that looks down on the sea with tremendous vistas and next to zero traffic. The waters of Epidavros town are pure and clean and inviting for swimming.  In the evening a half hour walk along the bay takes us to the town where everyone eats along the sea front.

Day 3: Nafplio
A gradual climb brings us to Ancient Epidavros, the 3rd century BC outdoor theatre seating 13,000 spectators with impeccable acoustics.  Epidvaros was the most famous healing center in ancient Greece, focusing on mind, body and spirit. Then its on to Napflio, the first capital of modern Greece. The prettiest city in the Peloponnese will bowl you over with its mansions and charm. 

Day 4: Nafplio
After one hour’s cycling amongst serene orange groves we reach Ancient Mycenae, home of the ruler who launched the Trojan War, King Agamemnon. He is buried in a beehive tomb that never fails to startle visitors with its architecture of geometric precision.  We return early enough to explore Nafplio -- shop in local stores selling handmade jewelry, worry beads and arts, take a quick boat to Bourtzi island or stroll the length of the harbor.

Day 5: Spetses
We start the day with a walk up the 999 steps to Palamidi, the 17th century Venetian fortress. Today's cycling involves a transfer up to 577 meters (1893 feet) and coast downhill from there all the way to Porto Heli. Nearby is the boat that takes about ten minutes to cross to lovely Spetses. Children ride bicycles and honeymooners take horse drawn carriages in this romantic harbor town. 


Day 6: Spetses
Spetses is so small that we can circumnavigate it by bike in a couple of hours.  At a half-way point we stop to swim at an appealing beach which has the added attraction of an underwater sea cave easily accessible from the water or by steps into an opening on land.  If figs are in season, it is a divine pleasure to eat them right off the trees.    

Day 7: Athens Airport Sofitel or central Athens
We take a water taxi back to the mainland and cycle the coast eastward back to Poros, finalizing the grand loop of our Argo Saronic itinerary. An afternoon ferry takes us back to Athens for overnight and a farewell dinner on a rooftop terrace overlooking the Acropolis. Recomend to stay at Athens Airport Sofitel hotel for early morning flights the next day.

Day 8: Departures 

Four Day Athens Add-On (minimum 4 persons)
Costs and Inclusions

Day 8: Athens
Taste of Athens. This is a walking tour that immerses you into Greek food, wine, local products, spirits. All things that stimulate the palate. Greek cuisine is one of the healthiest diets on the planet. Includes a visit to the Greek Gastronomy Museum. Six hour tour, total leisure pace.

Day 9: Athens
Morning three hour Athens Bike Tour that is 90% traffic free and stops at 25 points of interest, including famous sites like the changing of the guard at Parliament and unheralded sites like the Pynx where democracy was born and Socrates' prison. Biking 11 kilometers. After lunch in an outdoor taverna at Plaka, now you go to the incomparable Parthenon at the Acropolis with a professional archaeology guide. Tour lasts three hours.

Day 10: Athens
An excursion to the magnificent Temple of Poseidon in Sounion at the southern tip of Attika Peninsula. Lord Byron carved his name in the marble but the graffiti cannot mar the temple's geometric precision nor its stupendous views. Bring your swimsuit for a dip in the sea before returning to the city. Includes lunch at a seaside taverna. Two hours biking, 42 kilometers (26 miles)

Day 11: Departure
Private transfer from your hotel to Athens Airport.

Saronic Jewels Mileage
Short route has vehicle transfers to start points. Support vehicle available for lifts. Additional mileage available for road warriors
Long Route 147 miles, 236 km, daily average 25 miles, 40 km
Short Route 97 miles  156km, daily average 16 miles, 26 km

Day 1  Long & Short 1 hour ride around Athens Acropolis neighborhood
Day 2  Long & Short 15.5 miles, 25 km, slight hills, hug coastline, highest ascent 328ft
Day 3  Long 37 miles, 60 km, 4 hours hug the coast, mostly flat, 1 tough climb of 820 feet Short 28.5 miles 46 km, hug the flat coast, transfer to vehicle at start of ascent
Day 4  Long 24 miles, 39 km hug the coast, 3 hours starts flat but has 2 big climbs, highest 738 feet Short 11 miles 18km  transfer to top of hill, mostly downhill except for 623 feet climb
Day 5  Long 27 miles, 43 km  about 8 miles to Ancient Epidavros climbing to 1150 feet, then mostly downhill to Nafplio Short 11 miles, 17 km ride to Epidavros, optional to cycle remainder downhill to Nafplio
Day 6  Long 25 miles, 40 km, primarily flat with two ascents at the end of about 400 feet Short 12.5 miles, 20 km. Same route except Long is roundtrip and Short is one-way.
Day 7  Long & Short 18 miles, 30 km  easy, fairly flat route, neglible climbs